October #RoyalReads2015 Wrap Up!


My October #royalreads2015 wrap up! 👊 In total I read 13 books this month. Would you believe I had a 2 week slump?! Yay! So glad I overcome this month with a bang. 😂

For @bookishpinoys Book to movie #Bookishpinoysreadathon

🔹Bridge of Terabathia 4/5🌟


👉 Just when you thought all is well and happy then something happens. My full book talk in this here.

🔹The Fault in our stars – 5/5🌟


👉 I don’t think I will be ready enough to make a book talk about this one. This will and always will have a place in my heart.

🔹The Duff – 4/5 🌟


👉 You know when you have a book that you don’t really like but you always want to read? This is mine. My month long contemporary binge started with this. I think I’m going ti hurt somebody soon if this doesn’t stop.

🔹Before I Go To Sleep – 3/5🌟


👉 Don’t get me wrong, it is good. It’s just that I think it was too wordy and descriptive to the point of boredoom (see what I did there?) Highly recommended if you can overlook the endless descriptions.

🔸The Wrath and the Dawn 4/5🌟


👉 Absolutely amazing. 👏👏👏 Found my 3rd boyfriend and Joonam, Khalid, just because he is so so alike Warner in so many ways I feel like cheating to him. If you have not read this book then what have you been doing with your life? Go. Read it. Now! My book talk for this baby here

🔸The Sea of Tranquility – 5/5🌟


👉 I needed to reread this baby this month because I was in a two week long slump and I don’t know what else to do than turn to my medicine. And viola baby I’m cured. 😉

🔸This is What Happy Looks Like – 3/5🌟


👉 I liked it but not really as much as Statistical. I felt like this one was stretched for it to be longer. Full book talk of this book here


🔸Dumplin – 4/5🌟


👉 Relate level 999999. I don’t know why I didn’t do a book talk of this book but I guess because I was on a roll after having my slumped cured. 😂 Highly recommended!

🔸Hollywood Dirt – 4/5🌟


👉 Alessandra Torre never dissappoints. That is all you have to know. 👏 Full book talk here.

🔸The Art of Lainey – 4/5🌟


👉 Great coming of age book. Especially for teens that are hardly ever out of their comfort zones. Full book talk here.

🔸The Avery Shaw Experiment – 4/5🌟


👉 Cute and charming coming of age contemporary book. I loved it and I don’t even know why 😂 I still blame The Duff if you all must know. Full book talk here.

🔸Sex Love Repeat – 4/5🌟


👉 Amazing writing. Interesting characters. One sick of a plot twist. Dozens and dozens of sex. Lol. Alessandra Torre delivers what is expected of her. Full Book talk here.

🔸Law of Moses – 4/5🌟


👉 Heartbreakingly good. I don’t know why but even I don’t particularly related to it, I loved it. Highly recommended. 👍 Book talk here.

And that’s a Wrap! I know this is kind of late, forgive me for my internet connection is not that reliable but better late than never! Looking forward to a good reading month this November. 😂;)👸



2 thoughts on “October #RoyalReads2015 Wrap Up!

  1. 13 books! Wow! Good thing you overcome your reading slump! I’m currently suffering from it for 2 months already and it really sucks </3 …. Anyway, I'm a little bit hesitant to read The Wrath and the Dawn but because you said that Khalid is so like Warner, I'll go to the bookstore tomorrow and buy this book! XD


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