The Queen’s Book Talk # 17 : Fear University ( Fear University #1 ) by Meg Collett


Published November 9th 2015 by Meg Collett


I’ve always known I was a monster, and I don’t mean some teenage vampire shit either.

My mother abandoned me when I was ten years old because I have a freakish mutant disease that makes me incapable of feeling pain. I bounced from one foster family to another because too many people like to test my medical condition in a game of “Try To Make Ollie Scream.” At sixteen, I killed a man for taking that game too far.

Two years later, I’m still on the run in Kodiak, Alaska. Here, I’m the most dangerous person around, until I come face to face with a creature that should only exist in folklore. The monster is an aswang, and I, with my medical anomaly, am uniquely qualified to hunt the beast that haunts the night. At least, that’s what the two scarred, mostly crazy ‘swang hunters tell me when they kidnap me and take me to Fear University, a school where young students learn to hunt and kill aswangs.

I arrive at the university a prisoner, but I stay because I finally find my freedom. 

For once in my life, I belong. I’m needed. I make a home for myself inside the university masquerading as an old Alaskan prison. Something close to happiness warms my icy heart when I’m with my scarred, still mostly crazy tutor, Luke Aultstriver. For a murdering runaway like me, Fear University is a haven where I can put my skills to good use hunting monsters in the night.

But when certain truths come to light and even more lies are exposed, I fear that I, Ollie Andrews, am the worst kind of monster of all. And, maybe, they should be hunting me.


This is the first of a series which is actually about Aswangs from my country Philippines. And this makes me so proud. Our folklore has been given a spotlight and I love it.

First, I love ther characters. I love Ollie’s fierceness and boldness. Also Luke’s mysterious and sexy vibe. Hatter’s comedic but protective attitude and Sunny’s cheerful and friendly outlook. I love the way she wrote each and every one of them and how she made everyone shine.

I also liked that the story is every unique. I have never heard of some instances and conditions presented in this book so I really liked the element of newness it brought to the book.

I just noticed that the Aswang mentioned her is more of like a werewolf bit a bit more vicious. I would really want to see a more Philippine Aswang and others like Manananggals and other Aswangs from Philippine Folklore. It would surely add more spice to the already beautiful story.

I also wanted to talk about Ollie’s need for a family resulting for her to cling to Dean’s promise. I feel sad for her that just because of her condition she had to suffer and endure life alone. Even though she can’t feel pain she obviously isn’t numb from emotional pain so I am looking forward on what is going to happen with her and her past.

One thing I just quite not like in this book? Instalove. I guess maybe it’s because of the overwhelming sexual attraction but still I expected more frim Ollie or maybe even more from Luke. But nevertheless I hope they work out whatever issues they have.


In conclusion I am giving this book 4 stars. It is rivetting, exciting, mysterious and a page turner. I recommend this book to all supernatural lovers out there and let us spread Aswang Fever.



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