Royal Reading Challenge 2016


Aside from Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016, I also decided to make my own A-Z Royal Reading Challenge because having this guide is my thing for next year. It would be really great if you would join me guys.

A – Alien Invasion
👉 Any book with Aliens or supernatural intergalactic creatures will be allowed for this category. The more the unearth it is, the better! 👊

B – Bookishpinoy’s Recommends
👉 I’ll be coordinating with my co admins at @bookishpinoys over at instagram where we will put out a post that shows admin’s diverse recommendation to share with you guys the books we love.

C – Cats
👉 Cats just because duh? Who doesn’t love Cats especially booklovers! 🐱

D – Death and Dying
👉Anything associated with Death or Dying, can be about sickness or suicide or whatever that involves death.

E – Everybody is talking about
👉 Let’s just put it out there for everyone who can’t stop raving about a certain book.

F – Fairytale
👉 Yesssss. Who doesn’t love Fairytales? Every once in a while it’s nice to read about fairygodmothers and evil stepmothers.

G – Goodreads told ya
👉 Anything recommended by Goodreads. Because we trust Goodreads to find the right book for us.

H – Harlequin
👉 One cheesy cliche romanve won’t kill you. 😂

I – In between YA and NA
👉 That book that says it’s YA yet you feel it must be a NA book? Yea that’s it. 😉

J – Jam packed action
👉 Action filled book with guns or karate or fight scenes, you name it. 👊

K – Killer’s POV
👉 A book that is told from the Killer’s perspective will be rare and a thrilling read I assume.

👉 Book about our gay brothers and sisters always have the best OTPs. 💖

M – Manga
👉 Once in your life should read a Japanese treat.

N – Not younger than 100 years
👉 Classics has never been younger than you. Literally. 😂

O – Out of your comfort zone
👉 A book or genre you never thought you will read.

P – Psychological
👉 Anything to do with mental illness or psychological thrillers will do.

Q – Queens and Kings
👉 Royalty rules! Who wouldn’t want to read about Queens and Kings and hot Princes and Princesses. 👸

R – Retelling
👉 Fairytale Retelling, my babies, is one of my favorite genres.

S – Satarical
👉 Because satire books are punny. Pun intended. Haha!

T – Thriller
👉 Scare the shit out of yourself. 😂

U – Utopian
👉 Because Dystopians are overrated. 😄

V – Veteran Memoir
👉 Any World War related book or memoir. Novels inspired by WW are allowed.

W – Winner of National Book Award
👉 Because a winner should always be read.

X – X book. ( DNFed)
👉 Oh I know you don’t want to go back there again but I implore you to give it another chance.

Y – Young Adult
👉 Go crazy, kids!

Z – Zombie
👉 Slow zombie, fast zombie. Any variant of the undead is good.

So there you go guys. You have all year to accomplish the following challenges. I’ll be posting a monthly update to see how you all are doing.

And here’s the surprise. At the end of the year, a big price is waiting for a 2 lucky babies who will be able to complete the chalengges. I will be tallying all those who completed the challenge and choose randomly for 2 winners!
🔹If you live in the Philippines and is a member of @bookishpinoys, it will earn you an extra point
🔹Must be following me in Instagram ( @thequeenreads ) and here in the blog.
🔹Post every book for every category so I will be able to check if you completed it. So you must have an instagram and use #RoyalReadingChallenge2016 as the official hashtag

That’s it! I hope you guys join my Royal Reading Challenge! Comment below if you will be joining. 😀


10 thoughts on “Royal Reading Challenge 2016

  1. I’ve been thinking of this kind of challenge (tho the A-Z were titles)! excited to do this. hopefully i get to do them all *cross fingers* Thanks for inviting me to do this! :* P.S I don’t like cats. they’re too snobby. But I like Garfield. :3 BTW, is it necessary to do it alphabetically or random?


    1. Hi dear! I hope you can do it. Please post the challenge in ig so I can see in the hashtag those who are participating. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be alphabetical dear. You can go crazy! 🙂 Thank you!


  2. This looks like fun and more manageable than a monthly challenge. I’ll be joining! Looking forward to stretching myself with some new reads.


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