2016 Reading Resolutions 📖


I have been always considered a messy ocd person. I need everything to be in order but yet I’m messy af most of the time. So when I saw Cath’s 2016 Reading Resolutions,  I knew I had to do one for myself to for me to get my shit together. So here’s goes my no bullshit 2016 reading resolutions.

1. Follow your planner.

👉 Late last year I bought a 2016 planner and notebook to put my 2016 reads and catalogue them to which of them are for Popsugar, for my own Royal Reading Challenge or just mostly my out of the blue reads. This early I already have slight control issues but I really do need to excercise following plans if I want to get my shit together a d not lose it in the process.

2. Don’t do DNFs.

👉 As much as possible, don’t leave a book unfinished. Yes I know what I did to The Summer I Turned Pretty is quite rude but I tried! Believe me when I say I tried but I just can’t finish it. Up until now I always cringe when I remember the experience. But for this year I would absolutely try to not not finish a book without giving it a decent shot.

3. Read less ebooks. More Physical books.

👉 Because I am lazy af, often times I just read on my tablet rather than the physical book. I don’t know why but I’m faster that way. But I want to read more Physical books this year so Aja to me. :mrgreen:

4. Not every book is reviewable.

👉 Sometimes I have this urge to make a book talk for each and every one of the books I read and it’s making me crazy if I don’t so I have to definitely lessen that urge.

5. No Shelf. No Books.

👉 This is probably the hardest because I still have no acceptable shelf to put my books and as of now they are still a Christmas tree so I need to have a shelf asap so I can bring them down. I need to accomplish this by February tops.

6. Worry less, Read more.

👉 I’m such a worrier. I worry if I’ll be able to finish a book at time. I worry if I’ll still be able to read after I got home from work. I worry I may spoil myself. But this year I will throw that all away. Carpe Librum. 📖

7. Mainstream books are so mainstream.

👉 I tend to be overwhelmed and pressured to read books that people are talking about so I will lessen that right this year. I want to read my booksale gems. I want to read my classics. I want to lessen my YA and NA reads. I will try to do this and give spotlight to authors that are underrated.

That’s it! I will just add them up here if I come up with other resolutions. If you have yours you can comment ad share that to me below. Thank you for reading! 😘



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