The Queen’s Book Talk # 23 : Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher


Kindle Edition, 283 pages
Published April 5th 2014 (first published March 8th 2014)
Edition Language : English


When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat… and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free. 


I still don’t know why I waited this long to read this book but I’m glad I finally did it after I read F*ck Love because then I got to erase a soft Tarryn in my head and replace it with the old good bad dark villain. To be honest I cannot quite gauge how I feel. I like the writing of course. Very dark and very gripping to the core. But. I’m lost. It’s like Tarryn left me there at Alaska. But a part of me understands but just doesn’t have the strength to pull it all together so this booktalk will be short simple and full of confused emotions. If you lobe dark reads, go ahead and read this one and God Bless your sanity.


Senna. Oh dear Senna. I thought Olivia was stupid and idiotic but you were worse. Driving off Isaac like that. Damn girl why did you do that? Yes you’re troubled and broken and all theat shit but still why? Why can’t you let him be there with you? He doesn’t even want to fix you yet you always push him away. But! I love you still. Reasons? You are aloof and smart and you remind me of Nastya in The Sea of Tranquility. You are selfish and selfless at the same time. Life hit you hard and I don’t think it’s fair. If I were you I woukd have resented life more and took it more badly so I applaud you.

Isaac. Damn this guy is fucking dreamy. Where is he? Whereee?! Give me a copy. Now! I want to bitch slap Senna so hard for letting this guy go. And that twist in the end that hr could have been free but instead stayed with Senna? That killed me damn it.

The twists. I really thought that Isaac was the zookeeper. That he was twisted enough to revenge on Senna this way. So I was quite dissappointed that it had not been a significant person in her life. But still the doctor is a cruel things so all is good. And that Pink Zippo connection to Marrow. Ugh I wish I had read this first. Now I have to reread it. Damn.


In conclusion I am overwhelmed and don’t know if I’ll give it 4 or 3 because I am confused as hell but let it have a 4 just because I’m a Pretty Little Nutcase and a Tarryn book will bound to make me crazy sometimes.

Thank you guys for reading!



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