[Book Interview] : In This Life with Christine Brae : Interview and MORE!


In celebration of In This Life’s Release Day ( 01.22.16 ) here is a short interview of the wonderful author herself, Christine Brae, about a few questions I had for the book. Enjoy!

1.Many may think, myself included, that Jude and Anna is a kind of instalove. Do you agree?

👉 Actually, I don’t agree at all. Anna and Jude had an instant connection and an instant attraction. That happens to us all the time. Every single day, you meet different people and connect with them on different levels. Whether it may be the train conductor who sells you a ticket, or the woman sitting next to you on the train. Connections can even happen without words. As time goes by, love is cultivated by that connection. Anna had changed after her trip to Thailand for many reasons, and Jude was a part of that change. This is what she was holding on to.

2. What inspired you to write this book?

👉 Many things and events in my life in the past few years inspired me to write this book. I wanted to write about impossible love, about unanswered prayers. I wanted to highlight the fact that sometimes things are just not meant to be. You can’t force someone to love you, and you can’t love someone that you don’t.

3. Love triangles are usually rendered off as a risky part of any romance book and many readers shy of reading them. What made you risk it?

👉 I agree that there is a redundancy about love triangles these days. But when centered around a complex situation or topic, sometimes authors are able to pull it off. Having said that, I don’t think this is a normal love triangle. There is no confusion in this one. Anna knows what she wanted, whom she loved and why she loved.

4. Is there an Anna, Dante and Jude in real life? What or who inspired you of their characters?

👉 This story was inspired by certain events and feelings that happened to me in the past two years. It is near and dear to my heart because of the many philosophical questions that had to be asked, and decisions that had to be made. Every book is based on something real. This book isn’t any different. Anna was inspired by someone who was strong yet fallible, by someone who did crazy things for love, Jude was inspired by someone who met the love of his life at the wrong time and place, and Dante was inspired by someone who loves enough to let go.

5.  This being your 4th book, what changes have you made from your writing style that made In this Life different from your other books?

👉 I didn’t really make any conscious changes to my writing style. I can certainly see that it has evolved somewhat, but I think my style is still the same (good or bad, not sure). I think I have grown as a person and with that, my taste in writing and in books and in everything in life has evolved too.

Wrap up question. Team Dante or Team Jude? Why?

👉 Team Anna. This was her story and her life.

And that’s it! I hope some of your questions were answered too and if ever you have more questions then please comment below and I will be glad to ask them to Christine for you.


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