[ Progress Check ] Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016 : January


I have been dodging the bullet all month. I am so ashamed of the little progress I have made. But nevertheless I still tried to follow through my list which bitch slapped me in the end. HARD.


First in my list is book with more than 600 pages and the Gryffindor in me thought it would be fantastic to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Don’t get me wrong, the book was fantastic. But we still can’t cross it out the list because I have been reading it the whole month and still only more than a little halfway through. I hope I can make more progress to it though this coming days. It is definitely a dragging book, which I didn’t know, and it made me slack off the entire list.


But! Unconsciously I have crossed off one in the list which is Read a Book under 150 pages. Yes I know it’s a little achievement but Never Never Part Three was a big sacrifice to read so I am checking it off on the list even though it messed up my already
chaotic list


I even tried picking up Great Expectations for the Oprah’s Book Club pick but unfortunately didn’t push through.

And since I already said how chaotic my list is, I’ll be abandoning it but still try to follow it. Lists , I discovered, tend to bring me a reading slump so I’m staying out of it. But I am still doing Popsugar Fridays so I can keep a little order in this situation.


February will be filled with activities so I hope I can push through some books on my list. How about you guys? Who else are doing Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016? I also need tips on how to survive so if you have one kindly comment it down below. Thank you guys! 😘

 photo 1453190418200_zpsgirciaaj.jpg


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