[ READATHONS ] #WomenRunTheWorldReadathon

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February already passed by! Well that was fast, this is kind of late but better late than never, right? Together with Eunice from Nerdy Talks, Jenny from Jayne vs Books, Cath from To All the Books I’ve Loved Before and Krish from @krish.reads over at Instagram, We hosted a month long Women Run the World Readathon where we will read as many feminists books as we can.

This activity was inspired by Emma Watson’s own feminists book club, Our Shared Shelf, to read 1 feminist book every month over at Goodreads.

I myself have a little pile containing Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea which I hope I can finish but unfortunately didn’t.


Already started with Jane Eyre and so far I love her courage even sometimes it’s out of place, but I am still just at the start so I am looking forward to how she can pick herself up. WIll continue with this book still and finally finish it this year.

And I am finished with The Yellow Paper. I have been meaning to read this thin book but I can’t seem to find the time so finally I already did. You can find my book talk here.

 photo IMG_20160222_105335_zpsamgrbtrb.jpg

Because of my utter failure to read feminist books, I am making it my own mission to make this readathon last the whole year. I’ll read as much woman inspired and empowering books as I can and record them here. My body is ready.

We have a group over at Goodreads and when you post it on Instagram or twitter use this hashtag #WomenRunTheWorldReadathon.

Thank you for reading guys!

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