[ Wrap It Up! ] February Reading Wrap Up


February was a mess. 😭 I was slumped in the middle of #KILIGATHON and I only read 8 books this month! 1 physical copy and 7 ebooks. 2/8 of these are less than 60 pages. But on the bright side, I had 2 blog tours that I joined this month. 💖 I really want to read more on March so I need to focus. Let’s start?

1. The Song of David by Amy Harmon : 4/5 🌟

◆ Once I knew this was already out, I just had to read it! More Moses and tears and fears I tell you. Highly Recommended!

 photo IMG_20160222_105310_zps8xzircgu.jpg

2. You ( You #1 ) by Caroline Kepnes : 4/5🌟

◆ Mind Blowing! One moment it’s creepy the next it’s justified making me confused as Thomas in the Maze. 😭 Stand aside Ty, I think Joe will be my new favorite psycho. 💖

 photo IMG_20160210_084029_zpspquxqa7d.jpg

3. One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva : 3/5 🌟

◆ Great coming of age book. Let’s teenagers realize it’s okay to explore. But first don’t be afraid to talk to your parents or guardians because you’ll never know maybe they’re okay with what you want after all.

 photo IMG_20160215_113253_zps18k6fet3.jpg

4. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan : 4/5 🌟

◆ Broken guy needs to be fixed? Yes please!

 photo IMG_20160216_115450_zpswhhew1id.jpg

5. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman : 4/5 🌟

◆ Insanely good! No purple prose. No unecessary detours. Straight to the plot twist. I love it!

 photo IMG_20160222_105335_zpsamgrbtrb.jpg

6. [BLOG TOUR] Forget Tomorrow ( Forget Tomorrow #1 ) by Pintip Dunn : 3/5🌟

◆ Don’t get me wrong. I liked it, qill definitely be reading the sequel but it has instalove you guys! You all know how I hate those. And too much predictability and similarity to other dystopian novels.


7. [BLOG TOUR] Waiting for Whatever by Fay Sebastian : 3/5🌟

◆ Fay is a good writer but this has cliche written all over it. Looking forward to other books she will write though.

 photo IMG_20160222_080945_zpsmv3nytty.jpg

8. [ Book Talk + Interview ] The Reluctant Sacrifice by Kerr-Ann Dempster : 4/5🌟

◆ Copy given by the author in exchange of an honest review and I love it! Remove Audrey and all is well. 😂

 photo IMG_20160222_105236_zpssaxkopch.jpg

So that’s it you guys! Looking forward to actually following my plans this next month so I won’t cram. 😭😂

Thank you for reading! ☺

 photo 1453190418200_zpsgirciaaj.jpg


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