Royal Book Tag # 4 : 25 Bookish Facts about Me.


Tagged by Eunice from Nerdy Talks to do 25 Bookish Facts About Me and it’s kind of hard to come up with so bear with me. 😂

1. TBRs are like boyfriends to me. I think I need one, then I end up having one and not enjoying it but I stray and end up having a new one entirely. 😂

2. Not that much of a fan of inspirational books. I don’t know why but I think it’s because I don’t want others tellinge how to live my life just because they survived a few problems on their own.

3. I have this fascination with Chinese/Japanese literature. I love Anchee Min and her woman empowering books.

4. I read faster 8 pm onwards. I don’t know why.

5. UK editions are my loves! I want to be different just because US Editions are mainstream. 😂

6. Tiger Lily is my spirit animal.

7. Once I see a movie first, then if it has a book, I can’t read it anymore.

8. I have tons of bookmarks but I still end up using things nearest to me aka my comb.

9. New Adult books tend to steer me away my TBR. Always. Send help.

10. I don’t own any book that has a sexy cover. The people in this household will freak if ever they saw one.

11. I love taking pictures @thequeenreads Shameless plugging because I didn’t know making lists were this hard!

12. I tried annotating my classics before but I am such a baby becauss the moment my pencil ( i know! ) touches my book I cringe and hug it and mutter sorry for atleast a minute.

13. Classics are chalenging reads for me with all their purple prose going on. But I still love em. 💖

14. Twilight was the first Young Adult book I have ever read. Found it laying around the house when I was 11 and yep I devoured it.

15. I waited until I was 18 to read Fifty Shades of Grey.

16. I don’t often read Horror books. Because my imagination is too wild.

17. I have not finished reading Harry Potter yet ( still on book 5 ) and I think I like Movie Harry more because Book Harry sure is whiney. 😂

18. Cliche and predictable books will always have a special place in my own hell list. Together with instalove.

19. I love Anti Hero characters! ( Mi Adelinaaaaa )

20. I read faster on ebook than physical books. Because I always have to run errands.

21. I don’t read physical books at night to protect my eyes.

22. Cracked spines make me want to cry.

23. I totally judge a book by it’s cover.

24. I don’t give out 5 stars. My 5 stars are like golds. Yes it may seem conceited but I like my 5 stars having some kind of exclusivity.

25. If you dog ear my book or even your book and I saw it I may have to kill you and burn the body.

Woah! And that’s it!

Tagging new found blogger friends. 😍

Lashaan and Trang from Bookidote
El from The Bookish Damselle
Mark from Bong Bong Books
Joan from Fidler Blue
And you all reading this! 😉

Thanks for reading! 😉

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