[ BOOK COVER REVEAL ] Empire of Storms ( Throne of Glass #5 ) by Sarah J. Maas


So the cover reveal of Empire of Storms, fifth book of the Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas, was held at BEA16 last May 12. Obviously I am opting for the UK edition but the US one looks pretty good too.

Thoughts on the cover

⚫Where is her cape?
⚫The color is a little vague but I think it symbolizes a storm that gives off an aura of impending doom so I think this is probably a heads up for us that things will not go well.
⚫ I love the fire detail! It just shows that Aelin is so much stronger now and in control of her powers.
⚫ At this point I think I have the theory why she has no cape. Maybe because her capes on the past books shows her as someone who’s always in the shadows or hiding being a assassin and all that but now she’s a Queen and she has nothing to hide anymore. If I’m right then I love it!
⚫ I love her stance here. So confident but not too arrogant.



⚫I’m officially abandoning any ships that I may have cast on Celaena from the start. Even now with Rowan, I’m still not sure if this pair will sail because of Dorian in the background and a lost ship with Chaol on board.

⚫ I’m afraid the a major character will die. It’s already the fifth book and it seems impossible that there wouldn’t be any death in this book. Top guess? ROWAN.

⚫ Empire of Storms. I’m assuming the Empire is Terrasen? And Storms may be the magic that was set free? i think there will be a huge fight in Terrasen among the Witches and wyverns and all those dark creatures.

⚫ Maeve. Old Bitch Maeve. I think she will resurface here too just because Rowan left her.

⚫ Chaol. I think he and that girl ( I do’t remember the name! ) will find that healer in Assassin’s blade. This will be like Heir of Fire again with different settings between Chaol and Celaena. A small part of my heart is still rooting for this two.

⚫ Manon! I wish she and Dorian will be together. And I want her to be part of the squad and not an enemy because duh Aelin and Manon now that magic has returned will be literally Empire of Storms. 😂

⚫I miss Lysandra and Aedion’s sassyness! I SHIP IT!

⚫ Who else ships Elide and Abraxos? Will Elide find Aelin? I hope so! She seems smart and will be an asset to the squad and will be another reason for Manon to be friends with Aelin.

Fast forward to September please! I need this to be done and over with but I want it to be not done yet. Ambivalebt much? Hahaha! Do you have other theories? Comment them down below.❤ Thank you for reading!

 photo 1453190418200_zpsgirciaaj.jpg


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