Royal Blog Tour # 7 : Forever Night Stand by Ysa Archangel

Night Stand
Released on December 20, 2015
by Ysa Arcangel
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Curtis is a strong and independent career woman who does not care for
commitment. She prefers no strings-attached, one night stands because that’s
all she can give with what little free time she has. This is the life she has
chosen and the life she is used to.

everything changed when she met Ivo, a gorgeous doctor with irresistible charm.
He was just supposed to be another hookup, but he quickly became so much
more.  It started as a one night stand
which was followed by another, and another. The more nights they spent
together, the more Brandy felt that life had given her something to live for.
seemed perfect… until a visit to the doctor sends her world crashing. The
timing couldn’t be worse. As her heart gets closer to Ivo, her memories begin
to fade.
her family history of Alzheimer’s and at great risk of acquiring the disease,
Brandy will take the chance to live her life with Ivo and fight the condition
that threatens to claim her forever.
this enthralling debut novel, you will find out about the heart that never
forgets and the disease which has the power to rob, damage, and destroy yet
cannot vanquish the feeling of love and being loved.

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If you are thinking that this book will be a simple new adult novel about a simple one night stand turning into a happy ever after then you are in for a heartbreaking surprise. I have read many tear jerking books and I can easily say this one joins my top list. The writing was slow paced but was quite good because you felt every single emotion that needs to be felt as you go on the book. I loved the exchange of POVs because we got the whole and experience of the story and not just confined to one character. This book will make you fall in love and stay in love despite the hardships and heartaches and always hope that in the end, everything will be okay. Highly recommended for everyone that wants to get their heart glow with love despite it crushing inside.

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4 sparkling Royal Stars just because Ivo deserved it for loving Brandy till the end. ❤

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Writing. This is my first time to read a book by Ysa and I must say she’s good. Her outline may be slow but it’s not boring. She took whatever she wanted the reader to feel and made sure it will be felt through the pages and she did it well. Kudos!

My heart! Can you hear my anguish cries? How can a story so sweet at first turn to heartbreaking in a second? Ivo and Brandy. At first they seem like a typical one night stand turned forever type of love then the twists came and as predictable as they may seem, it still broke me a little too much inside. Being a medical practioner myself, I have first hand experience and knowledge on what happens when someone has this type of disease. I know the odds of survival and cure and that makes this story more heartbreaking for me.

I salute to Ivo’s love for Brandy. I know many may see Brandy as the one to be pitied but I pity Ivo more. He has to be the one to look after Brandy and take care of her and love her despite all. Hats off to this guy and his ability to love Brandy with all his heart considering everything that happened and for me that was enough to consider this book a success.

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Ysa Arcangel is a Filipino author based in
Manila. She works as a Spanish-English GDS Helpdesk by day and a writer by
night. She is a loving partner to a very talented chef and mom to three amazing
kids. She is fueled by coffee, tattoo fan, giant dogs lover and an extreme
sports enthusiast. She writes contemporary paranormal and romance fics with
lots of laughs, tears and sighs showcasing sweet, funny and badass female leads
with raunchy and hot male love interests whether human or supernatural. When
she’s not writing, you can see her spending time with her family, reading, or
having T.V. series marathon.


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