The Queen’s Book Talk # 53 : What About Today by Dawn Lanuza


Copy provided by the author in exchange of a honest review, Thanks Ms. Dawn!

 photo 1453189980795_zps00sb23hq.jpg

Aiden’s stuck working for his family’s amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer. Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl. 
Gemma’s stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could handle the park’s rides. She couldn’t. Good thing she met someone to guide her.
As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers.

 photo 1453190130151_zpsjbcegvn0.jpg

This short book reminded me so much of Statistical Probabilty of Love at First Sight which I absolutely loved! It had the same spontaneous love story that doesn’t come out as instalove. It has this natural spark that comes out naturally. Being a non spoilery review, I will keep this short and just admire the ability of Ms. Lanuza to turn a short story to have a long lasting impact just like a longer novel. I love the character development and the way each of them were portrayed through both POVs. It was a very relatable story about growing up and breaking out of your shell which the author executed beautifuly. If you want a coming of age read that will inspire you then this one is it. Happy Reading!

 photo 1453190616723_zpsryf4k2lk.jpg

In conclusion, I give this book 4/5🌟 for being a fluffy realistic love story that everyone can relate to.

Thank you all for reading! 😙

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