Book Talk # 11 ( 2017 ) : No Holding Back ( Dodge Cove # 2 ) by Kate Evangelista

Kindle Edition, 257 pages

Published October 18th 2016 by Swoon Reads


Edition Language : English

Series : Dodge Cove #2

A romantic European vacation is the perfect excuse to let go in No Holding Back, the highly anticipated sequel to No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista.

Everyone knows that Nathan is in love with his best friend, Preston…Everyone except Preston. Nathan has always accepted that Preston was too focused on his swim training to worry about love. But Preston is heading off to train for the Olympics soon, so if Nathan wants his chance at love, he has to speak up now. But saying “I love you” is surprisingly difficult, even for someone as confident as Nathan. Maybe a whirlwind vacation in Europe could help? But… what if it doesn’t work out and he loses the best friend he’s ever had?

I love LGBT themed books. They show that everybody can love whoever they want. Love wins! ❤ And that is exactly what was shown in this book. 

No Holding Back is the second book from the Doge Cove Trilogy and I am so glad it being a trilogy which means more books with these awesome characters as protagonists in their own story. 

When someone you love is so dedicated to his passion, who are you to get in the way, right? That was Nathan’s dillema because Preston was such a dedicated swimmer, he can’t be swayed to look at any other thing or people when he’s focused on training. That makes Nathan with his hidden feelings all the way from childhood more difficult to confess.

This bestfriend to more trope is a little taboo to me because if I had a bestfriend that I treated as a friend the whole time while he was harboring feelings for me, I’d be kinda sad. But in this case, they already love each other but they were the last to know. 

I wasn’t a fan of the 3rd person POV at this book because it lost some of the feelings I would have had if it was a first person POV. Yes maybe it was good that we saw both their perspectives but that just showed how messed up they were. But still I liked it, it just needs a little improvement in the transition. 

The characters, as always, are so lovable. We saw Tash on her lowest and I can feel a Tash Jackson book coming and I can’t wait! I also loved seeing Didi and Caleb. And don’t even get me started on both Preston and Nathan’s mother. Each of them may have a different way of showing their support for their sons but  it is still clear that they do. 

I won’t be spoiling too much for you but I can say that I liked this book as much as I liked the first one. 4 royal stars for me. 

Thank you for reading! 


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