Book Talk # 15 ( 2017 ) : Last Sext by Melissa Broder

Paperback, 80 pages

Published June 14th 2016 by Tin House Books (first published June 13th 2016)


(ISBN13: 9781941040331)

Edition Language : English

What emerges is an infinite series of false endings—each a trap door containing the possibility for alchemy, rebirth, and renewal. Part elegy, part confessional, part battle cry, Last Sext confronts both eternal longing and the mystery of mortality, with language hot, primal, and dark, as Broder’s fans have come to love. 

It was a kind of a disaster. I mean sure it wanted to be deep and meaningful but it was just, not. Some pieces were just way too scrambled and some were just too plain. They were a few lines that stood out for me, which I will be putting below, but overall it was such a drag to read. 

But I’m already fixed. Why don’t I feel it.

Sick people find each other and it’s not a good thing. Sometimes it is a great thing

I was afraid to become nothing When all I ever wsnted was vanishing

The trauma of living is that it is real

How is love supposed to look and feel? I half ask God but I’m scared to hear.

When there is no one left

When it is just me and God

What do I say

I say help

I say I’m freezing 

I say I am wrong

My feelings were dogs

With no master left to tend them

But the dogs stayed alive

And discovered they could feed themselves

And I must really live my dogs

Or else I would have stabbed them

So as to never to mistake again

A deadbolt for an opening

Because I am a dead girl

And I want to be alive

I dream nothing of you tonight because I did not sleep.

Poems are made of mistakes

Poems about poetry are mistakes

I look to mistake and say

Am I ok?

I look to mistake and say

Make me ok

My pussy tastes like pussy and I have been scared since the day I was born

I will find you a home

And forgive you in your slops

Even as you eat my head

And hair

And heart

If it weren’t for those lines, I would have given this book a 1 or 2 stars. I was feeling generous with the 3. And just making it clear that this is just my opinion and that it’s purely subjective and exclusive to me. Maybe some of you may find it better than I viewed and it’s fine. Let’s just respect one another. Thank you!


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