Book Talk # 26 : Sleeping Brat by Samantha Hastings

Kindle Edition

Published April 18th 2017


Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was asleep under a terrible curse…but she really isn’t a main character in the story, because all she did was snore. And most likely drool. 

My name is Liddy Rosebush and I am the fairy who will set the record straight. 

Yes, it took about a hundred years, The Three Good Fairies rock band made several appearances, and King Stephan’s daughter slept an inordinate amount of time. But everything else you’ve heard is lies. 

Except for the handsome prince part—completely true. 

That’s why I kissed him…

I didn’t like it. It was a drag to read. The way it was written, it wanted to be unique but instead it just came out as annoying. The main character was okay. I didn’t find her lovable or relatable. Actually not just her but everybody. One thing I did like was their squad. Just that. But it was just a short book but it felt so much longer with no substance at all. It had a promising plot but the execution was just aweful and took forever to finish. 80% would not recommend this book to anyone. Such a waste of a good idea.

2 stars. I’m not that heartless. Yet.


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