#BTAT17 : Booktubeathon 2017 Wrap Up!

This year’s #BookTubeAThon was held July 24- 30, 2017 and I enjoyed it immensely. I was so happy with the turnout I had with my books and reads so here’s a short recap of what I had read for this readathon. 

1. A Book with a person on the cover

– Lucky in Love by Kasie West

– 3/5🌟

This a perfect book for a readathon, although this one I didn’t love as much as I did her other books, was still a fairly fast read that I finished in one sitting.

2. A Hyped Book

– Unwind by Neal Shusterman


It was quite overhyped by my friends so I had to read it. I liked it but there was just something missing but I will still read the sequels. 

3. Finish a book in one day. 

– Consent by Nancy Ohlin


Although I read most books in this list in one sitting, I would like this one to be on the category that I finished in one day because it was a book that I cannot wait to be finished. It was a little bit trying hard and to be honest, a little bit exagerated. 

4. A book with a character different from you. 

– Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed


 The main character of this book is a Pakistani and everything about this book was absolutely different from my life and culture. This book tore me apart and I wouldn’t anyone, in any race or culture to ever experience such hardships. 

5. Finish a book completely outdoors. 

– Politically Correct Holiday Stories by James Finn Garner

The book was completely hilarious and short making this hardest challenge a bit more bearable one because who reads outdoors?! 

6. A book you bought because of the cover.

– Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

– 4/5🌟

I loved this book so much but the gaming references were a little bit overwhelming. But I still like it and it’s cover obviously. 

7. Read 7 books.

– Salt by Nayyira Waheed


Of course I had to include at least one poetry book. I chose this one because of the author’s claim that Rupi Kaur plagiarized her work and I have to admit they are quite familiar, but aren’t they all? I’m not judging or siding witb anyone but to be honest they all have similar work. Except Yrsa Daley Ward because I’m totally bias when it comes to her. 

And that’s it! I’m so happy for the outcome of this year’s Booktubeathon because I was able to shave off a lot of my owned books and read a diverse selection too. Yay! Looking forward to next year. ❤


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