Queen’s Feature : Cover Reveal and ARC Review ; Dystopia and Derelict Dreams by Arvyn Cerezo

ebook, 45 pages

Expected publication: September 2017 by Londonderry Press

Arvyn Cerézo’s debut poetry collection delves into the complexities of difficult themes such as death, depression, loss, and suburbia living. Often contemplative and questioning, the collection also explores the intricacies of neo diaspora and how it saves the poet’s life.

With poems written in short narrative verses,Dystopia and Derelict Dreams mostly tackles an important phase of being human—finding oneself after losing the sense of self-identity. 

You know the feeling you get when you read something that feels too close to what you’re going through or gone through that you just want to hug the author to tell them it will all be all right? I felt like that when I read this poetry chapbook. These collection of poems touched my heart and its little cracked spots with the softest whisper of longing and sadness that made me ache and want to be hugged. 
Poems has a way of connecting to you in various forms and formats but what I really liked about Dystopia and Derelict Dreams is that it only wasn’t good but also the format is engaging that you wouldn’t get bored in reading it. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous illustrations made by Dessa. I cannot wait for the finished copy!

Gave this masterpiece 4 dreamy Royal Stars for a job well done!


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