Let’s get the party started


Sometimes I think that maybe we are just stories. like we may as well just be words on a page, because we’re only what we’ve done and what we are going to do.

So first of all, i just need put it out there that this blog is my lovechild. I am a sucker for over explaining myself but for the sake of books and preserving what I experience while reading them encouraged me to resort to blogging

Who am I?

  • Name : Ma. Elena C. Quicho
  • Age: 20 ( omygod sometimes I feel so much older than my age )
  • Birthday : September 14, 1994
  • Part time nurse. Full time book lover.

Why do I read?

I read because I want to escape. I want to explore each and every world possible. I want to experience things I cannot in this life time. As they say, A reader lives a thousand lives, those who do not only live once.

What will you expect in my blog?

I will write about book reviews and the normal book blogging shenanigans. I also plan to have a Hidden Gems feature in my blog in where I will be posting underrated books that deserve way more attention. There will be also an underrated authors feature that will highlight New and Old authors that need to have more exposure and popularity because they deserve it. As you can see I focus on the unknown and the underrated because I want to help them be there and accessible to all of us readers.

So I hope you all enjoy browsing my humble blog and please let’s be friends. If you want me to review your book or feature you in my blog just contact me here. Thank you!

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